Better Protection From Harmful Contaminants

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From viruses and bacteria to mold and mildew, many things can get indoors and threaten the health of your family and employees. Pure Protection LLC in Gainesville and Buford, GA is prepared to assist you in mold removal and disinfection services for your home or business. We're equipped with professional-grade antimicrobial chemicals, personal protective equipment (PPE) and air fogging machines to rid your property of harmful germs and spores.

Virus and Bacteria Disinfection

Stop the spread of bacteria throughout your home or business.

Virus and Bacteria Disinfection

Mold Removal

Breathe a little easier with professional mold removal.

Mold Removal

Mold Testing

Find out if harmful mold is growing in your walls or crawlspace.

Mold Testing

Mold Inspection

Don't skip your mold inspection after a flood or pipe leak.

Mold Inspection

COVID-19 Disinfecting Is Not a DIY Project

Get professional disinfection services in Gainesville or Buford, GA

Why hire Pure Protection?

Pure Protection is leading the way in mold removal and disinfection services throughout Gainesville, Buford, GA and surrounding areas. Our team is committed to providing quality solutions, supporting our community and protecting our planet.

When you partner with us, you have the benefit of:

Working with licensed and insured mold specialists.

Free on-site estimates and affordable pricing.

Phenomenal customer service and on-time appointments.

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Save time, money and stress

When mold spores and bacteria find a place to harvest and grow, your home or business can become dangerous. Mold can cause serious health issues just through inhalation or physical contact. But at Pure Protection, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to mold damage. Our mold specialists will help relieve the stress associated with restoring your property through prompt, effective and innovative mold removal and disinfection services.

Reach out to us in Gainesville or Buford, GA today for professional mold testing, mold inspections & mold removal services.

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